The Big Mac, now in hip-hop flavor

News that McDonald’s will pay hip-hop artists $1-$5 every time a radio station plays a song of theirs that mentions a Big Mac is unusual only in that McDonald’s is […]

DWI charge dooms car-insurance pitchman

Political correctness can jump the pond, it seems. From London comes word that British comedian Vic Reeves (shown here) got canned from his gig endorsing car insurance yesterday because he’s […]

What to do with that tax refund?

One wonders why retailers haven’t campaigned to shift the tax-filing date so people get their refunds during Christmas-shopping season. Alternatively, one wonders why retailers haven’t campaigned to change the date […]

Gap can’t fill Sarah Jessica void

New York women were aghast last week when news broke that the Gap was no longer going to use Sarah Jessica Parker, the Sex and the City style maven, in […]

P. Diddy spins out, and into auto parts

As a businessman, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs still gets mad props. (Do the kids still say that?) But as a brand, Sean John might be wearing a bit thin. Already […]

Thumbs down on TiVo ads

TiVo likes to promote itself as a service that lets you record anything and watch it whenever you want, but with consumers, the fact it lets them skip commercials is […]

Budget squeeze brings out the Charmin

As if winter in Buffalo isn’t misery enough, it turns out staffers at the Rath Building in town—one of the primary office facilities for Erie County—have been suffering the indignity […]

What’s that smell? It must be Céline Dion

Hands up—who does not want to Belong to this: Céline Dion has released a new perfume, Belong, which is supposed to “reflect where Celine is right now in her life—enjoying […]

LeBron is good, but not that good

Some people will believe anything. We’re talking about the fun Powerade spot in which LeBron James hits four consecutive insanely long full-court shots. Enough people thought the footage might be […]

Russell’s Grunts pack it in

Oscar-winning ruffian Russell Crowe, moving on to bigger and better things, has disappointed about 11 fans worldwide with the announcement that his band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, is kaput. […]