For George Lucas, the URL that got away

You’d think if you went to, you might be in for a treat. Maybe a 30-second clip from the upcoming and hugely anticipated final chapter in George Lucas’ Star […]

Early training for women in marketing?

If women are meaner than men—and I’m not daring to say they are!—maybe it’s because they start practicing earlier in life. Researchers at Brigham Young University found that “relational aggression”—defined […]

Washington’s endless ‘nuclear option’ ads

You’d think Election Day never happened, given the political ads still clogging the airwaves in the nation’s capital. The main topic of discontent these days is the “nuclear option,” and […]

Too many ‘Star Wars’ tie-ins? Never!

Brooklyn, 1984. My cousins Craig and Phillip hover around a pile of Star Wars action figures like convicts around a square meal. Craig’s favorite is intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett. […]

Jesse Dylan’s really bad TV commercials

So far, Jesse Dylan, son of a certain legendary musician, has demonstrated some aptitude for directing commercials (from high-fashion Tommy Hilfiger and Barneys spots to the high-concept spot with […]

Disgusting ad icons, you’ve got company

Thought Mucinex’s Mr. Mucus wasn’t gross enough of a mascot? Oh, good. Then let us introduce you to Mr. Floatie. This charming gent, who bears more than a passing resemblance […]

Paying for the privilege of a Prius

Looking to save the environment one car at a time? Get in line. People are so desperate to buy the short-stocked Toyota Prius gas/electric hybrid that some have taken to […]

Dave Matthews rocks out … for free

Just to prove that not only do we sometimes leave our computer, but occasionally even  leave the house, here’s our picture from the Dave Matthews concert we went to last […]

Back on the road with Mr. Starbucks

The last time we checked in with the Starbucks fanatic known simply as Winter (shown here), he had visited some 2,850 Starbucks locations. Now, three years later, he’s up to […]

Grey strikes back after ‘worst reel’ vote

Grey is taking matters into its own hands. Voted the agency with the industry’s worst creative reel in a recent Adweek survey, the WPP Group shop took out an ad […]