Yoplait Created a Hotline for You to Share All Your Terrible, Unwanted Advice for Moms

Call 1-833-MOM-TIPS today

Have unwanted parenting advice? Yoplait is listening. Yoplait
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Got a piece of parenting advice for a mom who probably doesn’t care, much less have the time to listen to you? Yoplait has a real phone number that anyone can call to offer such unsolicited advice.

In the latest work from the yogurt brand and 72andSunny New York’s “Mom On” campaign, moms get judged by other parents, friends and strangers on how best to raise their children.

“A lot of moms receive unwanted advice and judgment on social media, so it was imperative this campaign show up on social platforms in a big way,” said Susan Pitt, senior marketing communications manager for Yoplait. “The tip line presents real-life situations where moms are judged, and we brought in several influential moms to add their own real-life stories to the conversation.”

If you call 1-833-MOM-TIPS (yes, it’s a real number) you get a voice recording that gives you a list of options depending on the category your bad advice falls under. If you see a mother in the grocery store with what you deem to be a questionable parenting style, press 1. See a mom nursing in public? Press 2. Or maybe a mom has a problematic social media presence. Press 4. There’s even the option to talk to a “real-life mom.”

Yoplait partnered with a number of social influencers for the campaign, including Amber Fillerup, Melissa Rycroft, Karen Alpert of “Baby Sideburns,” Ilana Wiles of “Mommy Shorts” and Judy Travis of “It’s Judy’s Life.” The brand sent them T-shirts and bumper stickers with the tip line phone number and the taglines “How’s my momming?” and “How’s my mommy doing?” plastered on them for moms to photograph and share. There are also posters and flyers.

Moms are also encouraged to participate in the stunt and call the hotline if they need a break from their motherly duties or just a good laugh.

“Humor is by far our biggest tool in changing this narrative and allowing mom to feel seen–and the thing that sets us apart from other work,” Pitt said. “Through the tip line, we are able to empower moms with humor that is specific real-life situations where moms are judged for the most ridiculous things.”


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