Sassy Yoplait Campaign Encourages Moms to Ignore the Haters—and Keep Breastfeeding in Public

'Mom On' marks 72andSunny's debut

The first rule of motherhood is that someone's always judging.

Yoplait knows it’s hard out there for moms.

When they’re not struggling to balance parenthood with the many other stressors of modern life, they’re facing judgment because people—online and off—have their own parenting strategies and aren’t afraid voice their opinions.

The yogurt brand opens its new campaign—appropriately titled “Mom On”—with a scene that will feel very familiar to anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the Mommy Wars: breastfeeding in public.

The ad’s final line also lightly touches on another issue moms face as they are pressured to feed their children only organic, free-range, GMO-free products.

This is creative agency of record 72andSunny’s first work on the Yoplait brand since winning the General Mills review late last year. The agency, which also recently launched its debut campaign for Cheerios, collaborated with GM’s media shop Mindshare and content agency Fast Horse.

Beyond the broadcast spot above, the campaign also includes this “undercover video” produced by NBCU Content Studio and starring the popular vlog duo #IMOMSOHARD, who collaborated with Yoplait to answer a crucial question: How many moms will help out a fellow mom facing “a tricky parenting situation?”

This is all in good fun, but it’s also backed up by research. A related study of more than 1,000 American parents and guardians found that 75 percent of mothers think they’d be happier with a little less judgment, while more than half admitted to taking such criticisms to heart. Nearly a third of participants even said they adjust their behavior in public to avoid being judged.

“Yoplait has always had a special connection with women and been a champion for helping moms get their mommying done,” said the brand’s senior manager of marketing communications Susan Pitt. “We know how much moms love their kids and don’t want to be boxed into one right way to mom, so Yoplait is surrounding moms with support and telling them, ‘You’ve got this! Mom On.'”

Beyond the video components, the campaign will also include print, radio, digital, social, cinema and in-store advertising along with a 40-market comedy tour and additional content partnerships with unspecified influencers and media properties.


Agency: 72andSunny
Brand: Yoplait
Project: Yoplait Mom On Campaign

Yoplait Team
President, North American Retail: Jon Nudi
President, US Yogurt Operating Unit: David Clark
Business Unit Director: Douglas Martin
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager: Susan Pitt
Sr. Marketing Manager: Brian Durmaskin
Sr. Associate Marketing Manager: Jenna Mcgrath
MarComms Manager: Charis Wilson
Executive Producer, US Content: Cheryl Broussard

72andSunny Team
Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole
Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Group Creative Director: Justine Armour
Sr. Designer: Chena Stephens
Sr. Writer: Nick Panayotopoulos
Group Strategy Director: Anibal Casso
Strategy Director: Danielle Travers
Group Brand Director: Rachel Kornafel
Brand Director: Shannon Coletti
Brand Manager: Meredith Savatsky
Brand Coordinator: Kim Johnson
Director of Production: Lora Schulson
Senior Film Producer: Kim Cross
Partnerships and Legal Director: Denice Heyward
Partnerships and Legal Manager: Laura Fraser
Art Producer: Sabrina Bajaj

Redscout Team
Business Director: Alexandra Lee
Sr. Project Manager: Francesca Ferrara
Strategy Director: Eric Matis
Head of Design: Michael Greenblatt
Strategist: Laura Rubenstein

Production Company: BOB Industries
Executive Producer: TK Knowles
Director: Nicole Holofcener
Director of Photography: Sean Porter
Line Producer: Phillip Sheridan

Editorial: Final Cut
Editor (LA): Paul Zucker
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Head of Production: Jen Sienkwicz
Producer (NY): Penny Ensley
Producer (LA): Barbara Healy
Assistant Editor (LA): Eileen Miraglia
Assistant Editor (NY): Andre Castiglioni
Assistant Editor (NY): Sophie Solomon O’Connell

Postproduction Company: Significant Others
Creative Director/Lead VFX Artist: Dirk Greene
Visual Effects Artists: Eric Gelgand
VFX Producer: Kyra Hendricks
GFX Artist: Phillip Brooks

Color Company: Color Collective
Colorist: Alex Bickel
Executive Producer: Claudia Guevara
Color Assistant: Alex Jimenez

Music: Mom On Anthem by Tonefarmer
Music on 30/15s by Walker Music
Audio Mixer: Keith Reynaud and Evan Mangiamele at Heard City
Print Credits: Holly Andres

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