Why Instagram Influencers Are Being Swapped Out for More Authentic TikTok Creators

Though they were idolized 6 months ago, audiences don’t relate to their lavish lifestyles anymore

tiktok logo with hands pulling it in difference directions
During quarantine, viewers are feeling they can relate more to a TikTok influencer while Instagram influencers are receiving more criticism. Photo Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Sources: Instagram, TikTok, Getty Images

There is so much speculation about how brands and influencer marketing will transform (or won’t), but I’m more curious as to how we have already begun to evolve as human beings during this time. To what extent have our values and belief systems changed? How has this impacted our relationship with brands and influencers?

@makefakelove Alanna Lynch is the CEO of The New York Times experience agency Fake Love.