Vibrant Havaianas Ads Spread Joy of Long Summers, Endless Dancing and Beach Games

Creative by AlmapBBDO positions brand as the shoe of 'More Colorful Days'

Havaianas spot spreads summer joy and positive energy. Havaianas / AlmapBBDO

As summer begins to draw to a close and give way to fall (in most of the Northern Hemisphere), flip flop brand Havaianas has captured all of the joy, love and excitement of the warmest season in its latest campaign by AlmapBBDO São Paulo.

The TV, digital and out-of-home campaign, which will run in Brazil and later in the U.S and Europe, features a 60-second hero film, which explores the idea that Havaianas have “good energy”—being the shoe of choice for carefree dancing, holidaying, relaxing and hanging out at the beach.

Titled “More colorful days are coming,” the campaign makes much of the brand’s Brazillian roots.

A narrator says: “If everything in the universe attracts energy, just think of all the good energy Havaianas have. Think of all the samba they’ve danced, all the games they’ve played, all the sun they’ve been in.”

The film features a series of vibrant illustrations from artists including Niege Borges, Fiedler, Cris Fora de Compasso, Pedro, Pastel & Besouro, Camila Rosa, Herbbbbie and Fernando Molina.

A symbol of joy

The spot positions the brand as a “magnet for positivity,” said Mariana Rhormens, marketing and communications head for Havaianas Brazil. “[It] conveys the essence of Havaianas as being a magnet of positivity for the good times we experience. We know people could do with some positivity lately and this is what we set out to do here.”

AlmapBBDO’s creative duo, Fernando Duarte and Henrique Del Lama, said the concept behind the ad was to transform the brand into a colorful “symbol of joy.”

Havaianas  is a longstanding client of AlmapBBDO, which won Cannes Lions Agency of the Decade this year. Since 2010 the agency has won one Grand Prix as well as 23 gold, 39 silver and 79 bronze Lions.

Agency: AlmapBBDO 
Client: Havaianas 
Campaign: #DiasMaisColoridos 
Chief creative officerLuiz Sanches 
Executive creative director: Ricardo Chester 
Creative director: Fernando Duarte and Henrique Del Lama 
Art director: Breno Ribeiro  
Copywriter: Daniell Rezende 
Account: Mariana Silveira, Warley Vieira, Mayara Cortez, Milena Ferezim, Cairo Ribas 
Planning: João Gabriel Fernandes, Mariana Corradi, Janaína Agostini 
Digital and content: Patrícia Colombo 
Media: Daniel Ribeiro, Júlio Frassei, Paula Kosugi, Priscila Sato, Graziella Silva, Débora Melo, Patrícia Menezes, Gabriela Leopoldino, Beatriz Souza, Ingrid Nayra 
Business intelligence: Gabriela Centurion, Erica Silva 
Production: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva 
Production company: Stink Films 
Director: Youth 
Sound production: Cabaret 
Client approval: Fernanda Romano, Fábio Leite, Mariana Rhormens, Juliana Spina, Matheus Gonzalez, Liliam Rodrigues Siqueira


@saramayspary Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.