Tired of Getting Your Snacks Stolen? Add a Lay’s Bestseller to Your Book Collection

The hollowed out editions are made for hiding chip bags

Sick of homeschooled kids taking your favorite chips? You're not alone. Frito-Lay
Headshot of Mónica Marie Zorrilla

According to a recent survey by PepsiCo Frito-Lay, 44% of moms-turned-teachers admitted they’re stashing away their snacks in the hopes that their homeschooled children won’t find them. 

To help out moms that just want to keep their chips to themselves, Lay’s designed an unsuspecting hollow book to conceal the bags of chips. The titles for these books are classics with a Lay’s spin, such as L Is for Lay’s, Portrait of a Potato, Flamin’ Hot Desire, Swords and Spuds and Lay’s Expectations.

While the Lay’s Besteller isn’t currently for sale, fans have a chance to win the literary secret treasure chest by commenting on the announcement post on Twitter between Aug. 31 to Sept. 4.

So far, fans are claiming that this is the perfect solution to grubby hands and paws alike. 

“Depending on popularity, we’ll evaluate if it needs to make a comeback to protect people from stolen snacks throughout the year,” said Katie Ceclan, Frito-Lay senior director of marketing. 

This isn’t the first time the brand has come up with quirky ways to engage fans during the pandemic. In late March this year, devotees of Frito-Lay products were invited to an exclusive snack society for chip lovers where members had the opportunity to try the latest flavors and participate in events.

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