Samsung Tells a Quirky and Wistful Love Story About Rival Waiters, Inspired by a Real Photo

Mother London turned a produce pic into a tale of 2 onion cafes

The ad, about rival onion-themed cafes, was inspired by a photo taken on a Samsung device. Samsung

LONDON–Two servers at rival onion-themed restaurants fall in love in a new, Wes Anderson-esque spot for Samsung smartphones by Mother London that was inspired by a real photo of a sack of onions taken on a Samsung device.

The quirky, 90-second TV ad is the first for the brand by the agency, and will run in the U.K. It tells the tale of two waiters at rival cafes that specialize in selling onion-based fare, from onion soup and onion salad to onion rings.

Because the eateries are based directly opposite each other, the young man and woman find themselves gazing longingly through the windows. Eventually, they get their chance to meet a somewhat expected location shared by both.

The concept was created by Mother London as part of its new “True Photo” campaign and was directed by Sam Hibbard of Somesuch London.

The ad ends with a still of the picture it was inspired by–which is of a sack of onions taken on a Samsung Galaxy device. Samsung is encouraging consumers to share their own images with the hashtag #WithGalaxy to be in with a chance of inspiring the next work to come out of the campaign.

“This new platform is a completely original way to talk about smartphone photography and will open us up to a totally new audience,” said Sharon Hegarty, marketing director for Samsung Electronics U.K & Ireland.

“Camera technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, but the way people use those photos has evolved even faster, morphing into its own form of instant communication.”

A single, everyday photo as creative inspiration

Sam Hibbard from Somesuch added: “It was hugely motivating to be able to direct this incredible piece of content with such a single-minded focus. Rarely are we given the creative freedom to seek inspiration from things that may usually pass us by. A photo of a bag of onions is just that, a bag of onions—until you think about the way this ubiquitous veg is a cultural connector, can elicit emotion and has the potential to bring people together. Every creative choice I made in the advert was purposeful and took inspiration from the photo and showed me that we can seek inspiration in the things that we encounter in real life, every day.”

Creative agency: Mother London
Director: Sam Hibbard
Production house: Somesuch
PR support: Ketchum
Media support: Starcom 
Social support: RAPP

@saramayspary Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.