On the Adweek Podcast: Cannabis, Pastimes and Mental Health

Putting together brand marketing puzzles on Yeah, That's Probably an Ad

Looking ahead on Yeah, That's Probably an Ad. Adweek, Getty Images
Headshot of Ko Im

We’re all feeling the stress of quarantine—which has been good for the alternative relaxation business. Adweek contributor T.L. Stanley joins co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im to talk about how quarantine has been good for the cannabis industry.

Speaking of relaxation, several brands have also begun creating their own puzzles as old pastimes become current once again.

Plus, advocate Aaron Harvey of Ready Set Rocket and Made of Millions talks about agencies and mental health in a time of crisis.

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@koimtv ko.im@adweek.com Ko Im is the community editor at Adweek and co-host of Adweek's podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.