The Most Viral Moments of Super Bowl 58

Beyoncé album, foot memes after the Jesus ad, and a Super bowl streaker

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The first Super Bowl in Las Vegas—and maybe one of the first where a pop megastar was dating one of the players—was sure to inject Super Bowl 58 with extra luster, and it didn’t disappoint.

From frustrations boiling over on the field during the first half to new music from Beyoncé, here are the viral moments that defined Super Bowl 2024.

New Beyonce Album

The Renaissance isn’t over yet. Beyoncé announced Part II of her Renaissance project will be coming out March 29 on Instagram, following a Verizon ad starring Queen Bey, which mused whether Verizon was strong enough to handle Beyoncé “breaking the Internet.” According to the spot, Verizon can handle the Beyhive, so Beyoncé said she was “ready to drop the new music.” Renaissance came out in July 2022, and at the time the pop star said that album was the first of a three-part project.

Taylor Swift chugs and other celebrity sightings

The Big Game is always known for its pop culture intersections, and this year was supercharged by Taylor Swift, international music icon and girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in attendance. Swifties might be disappointed—the camera only panned to Taylor three times in the first half of the game, per ADWEEK’s count, but cameras outside the official broadcast caught Taylor chugging a beer. Other notable appearances include Blake Lively, Ice Spice, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey and Jay Z.

Usher serves millennial nostalgia

The R&B superstar brought dancing on rollerskates, big hits like O.M.G. and Yeah!, and (of course) abs to the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show. Usher was helped out by other music heavy hitters including Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Ludacris, Lil John, and Jermaine Dupri. Turn Down for What, indeed.

Travis Kelce Gets Agitated

It was a slow start for the Chiefs, who did not score for the first half of the game. After one misstep for the team—running back Isiah Pacheco lost a fumble—Kelce was caught screaming at coach Andy Reid on the sidelines. Any instance of a heated and muted interaction is bound to draw opinions, with some football fans calling the exchange disrespectful, and memes.

The Internet loves foot memes

One of the earliest spots in the Big Game featured photos of people washing feet—part of the “He Gets Us” campaign meant to present a positive image of Jesus. The ad, invoking the Biblical story connoting Jesus’ generosity, got a different interpretation in certain quarters of the Internet. On X, the vibe was more WikiFeet, less holy.

Super Bowl streaker

A half-naked man escaped onto the field and had to be dragged off by authorities during the Big Game. What happens in Vegas…

A surprise presidential ad

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. looked to get on voters’ radar this election year with a Super Bowl ad. The ad directly channels the 1960 presidential campaign spot of his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy Jr. The ad was funded by the American Values Coalition, which aims to present a moderate alternative for evangelical Christians.

And a surprise presidential social media moment

Immediately after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, President Joe Biden posted an Instagram with lasers for eyes and the caption “Just like we drew it up, @Chiefs.” The caption was responding to a Fox News theory that Taylor Swift’s rising celebratory was a Democratic psy-op (notably, the pop star endorsed Biden for president in 2020), which the Pentagon has denied.

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