Infographic: Over Half of Consumers Delete Marketing Emails Without Ever Opening Them

Only 13.6% say they open all of them

The majority (78.9 percent) said they've unsubscribed from a brand's email marketing list.
Jorg Greuel/Getty Images

Many brands dedicate entire teams to their newsletter strategies. But with so many brands in the email marketing mix, some consumers are getting dozens of them a day, if not more. So, how can marketers make their email efforts count?

New research from Toluna and visual experience platform Movable Ink found that consumers aren’t as saturated with marketing emails as one might expect. Half say they receive between one and five a day. However, that may be because they’re unsubscribing—78.9 percent said they’ve unsubscribed from a brand’s email marketing list. Another slightly alarming takeaway: Over half of consumers (54.4 percent) say they delete at least 50 percent of brand marketing emails they receive without opening them.

“A brand marketing email that takes into account a consumer’s preferences and/or past purchases is not only a powerful tool but is also something consumers already expect from brands,” said Alison Lindland, vp of client strategy at Movable Ink. “For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to leverage their data and cater to their customers’ interests in a way that provides a seamless experience across channels and devices.”

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