Infographic: How Rainy, Snowy and Super Cold Days Affect Foot Traffic

With patterns getting more extreme, brands across verticals need to pay attention

Rain actually seems to help some industries like apparel, beauty and footwear.
Carlos Monteiro

When it comes to foot traffic, brands have always had to take inclement weather into account. But with weather getting more extreme as the climate steadily changes, stores need to be more prepared than ever for fluctuations. New research from location intelligence platform Ubimo shows how rain, snow and freezing temperatures impact business. Rain actually seems to help some industries like apparel, beauty and footwear. But while all verticals see a decrease on snowy and extremely cold days, some—like beauty and tech—are more affected than others. As the weather grows more unpredictable, weather-related promotions may be a smart move to keep customers coming, even as the skies open up. “The weather is one of the things we cannot control,” said Ubimo CEO Ran Ben-Yair. “We can, however, control how much we leverage the insights it provides toward successful business strategies.”

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