Drew Barrymore Calls Aging 'A Privilege' in Dove Campaign

The actor-entrepreneur aims to discourage tweens from the TikTok trend of using anti-aging skincare products

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In a new social video, Drew Barrymore bedazzles her face with glitter, jewels and stickers. But this isn’t a cosplay tutorial or a breezy promo for her daytime chat show.

It’s the launch of #TheFaceof10 campaign from Dove as the brand continues to address the ills of social media head-on, specifically the TikTok trend that has tweens snapping up anti-aging products for their elaborate skincare routines.

Barrymore, a child star who “grew up in a makeup chair,” says in her post that she’s aware how “obsessed” young girls are with their skin care regimens, but “when it comes to anything anti-aging, I don’t even know if that’s the exact messaging for adults—because you will never anti-age.

“If you’re lucky, you’ll actually get to age,” Barrymore says.



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