Amazon Music Is Using Ring’s Holiday Ad to Cross-Promote Carrie Underwood’s New Album

The tech giant aims to sweeten partnership deals with cross-brand collaborations within its portfolio

Carrie Underwood's new holiday song follows the release of her first holiday album, which dropped in September. Ring

‘Tis the season for holiday-themed advertising, and home security company Ring has gone all in on an Amazon-based partnership that connects the tech giant’s doorbell business with its audio streaming service in a new ad starring Carrie Underwood.

The track that Underwood sings for the ad, “Favorite Time of Year,” dropped exclusively today on Amazon Music. The collaboration represents an opportunity for artists like Underwood to work across Amazon’s brands to reach more fans—a model that Amazon plans to expand as its audio streaming service evolves.

Amazon Music worked directly with UMG Nashville to work out the deal with Ring. The record label views the Ring spot, which was created in-house, as a way to expand Underwood’s reach as she promotes the new song along with her first holiday album, My Gift. That album dropped in September, and makes a quick cameo in the new spot.

The 30-second ad will run on national TV starting this week and throughout the holiday season. It opens with Underwood approaching a snowy, white-picket-fenced house decked out in garland, Christmas lights, baubles and wreathes. When Underwood presses the Ring doorbell, she starts singing into the camera as the homeowners—not at home, it seems—watch on a smart phone. She pulls a present out of a stocking to show them through the camera (it’s her new holiday album), which kicks off a montage of happy people expressing holiday cheer into Ring cameras.

After an assortment of dancing delivery people, grandparents bearing gifts, cheery carolers, a kid with a snowball and a man carrying a Christmas tree, “It’s Doorbell Season” flashes across the screen. That’s followed by Ring’s tagline: Always home.

“Holidays are a time of hope, and joy, and love,” said Underwood in a statement. “I hope when people listen to ‘Favorite Time of Year’ they get into the holiday spirit, they feel happy, they feel love and joy and, hopefully, they can make it a soundtrack to their holidays this year and just put a smile on their faces and celebrate things that are good around them.”

With the pandemic limiting safe interactions with family, Ring coined the term “Doorbell Season” to encapsulate how important the front door is during this time of year. The concept is about allowing folks to greet relatives, safely communicate from afar, check for deliveries or say hi to neighbors.

“While this season may look a bit different than most, the holidays are such a special time for our customers,” said global head of brand and content for Ring, Karni Baghdikian, in a statement, adding, “Whether celebrating at home or away, Ring Video Doorbells enable our customers to capture the magic of the season, while also providing them peace of mind and helping to keep their families, homes and communities connected and safe.”

@klundster Kathryn Lundstrom is Adweek's breaking news reporter based in Austin.