Musical Marketing for the 2020 Election; TNT Honors Kobe Bryant With New All-Star Game Format: Friday’s First Things First

Plus, industry women celebrate each other for Galentine's Day

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How the 2020 Presidential Frontrunners Are Using Music as a Marketing Tool

Presidential candidates have to market themselves to relate to voters, and one of the ways they do that is through music and audio, from the soundtracks in their TV and social media spots to their walk-up songs at rallies. Candidates have at least one song they’re known by—ideally. The goal is to personalize their brand and show voters a more authentic side of themselves. If their music marketing efforts are successful, voters will be able to hear a certain song, or even a certain genre of music, and think of that candidate.

Music decisions typically result in one of three outcomes for candidates: Voters make no connection between a candidate and a song, voters associate the candidate with the chosen song or the correlation between candidate and song doesn’t translate as intended. And there’s a fine line between a playlist that makes a statement and one that that focuses solely on making sure personality shines through.

Watch: See a video montage of all of the songs chosen by the presidential frontrunners, plus analysis of their choices.

TNT Will Air NBA All-Star Game’s Fourth Quarter Ad-Free in New Format Honoring Kobe Bryant

The NBA is shaking things up by turning the game clock off for the fourth quarter of Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, and TNT, in turn, is upending its traditional ad format for its coverage of the game and will air the fourth quarter ad-free, the network said today. Sunday’s All-Star Game, presented by Kia, will include several changes. The new fourth-quarter format will honor NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who died tragically Jan. 26 after a helicopter accident that also claimed the life of his daughter Gianna and seven other victims. Because the fourth quarter will run without any game clock stoppage, TNT will not air any ads during that time.

Read more: The shift in format for the fourth quarter will cause several changes to the first three quarters of the game.

With Galentine’s Day Cards, These Agency Creatives Celebrate How Women Show Up for Each Other

In 2010, the sitcom Parks and Recreation introduced the world to Galentine’s Day, where women celebrated each other during the Valentine’s Day season—and the tradition stuck. These days, brands are getting on the bandwagon for the unofficial holiday that takes place on February 13th. And in a crucial corner of the agency world, a group of female creatives came together to create a series of Galentine’s Day cards designed to give women in the industry a chance to celebrate all of the ways women show up for each other. Fellow, the first app-based professional community for women in advertising, released “Forget Her Not,” an initiative that takes the tried-and-true method of doling out love through cards through the app and site, and does so in a way that brings together beautiful design and powerful messages.

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McClatchy Bankruptcy Filing: A Last-Ditch Effort to Save a Newspaper Company

McClatchy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a move executives say won’t result in layoffs but will put majority ownership of yet another media company—this time a 163-year-old, family-owned publisher—in the hands of a hedge fund. The move, if approved, transfers majority ownership to Chatham Asset Management, already a lender and shareholder in the company. On a website the company created to address the Chapter 11 filing, leadership said it will “allow us to continue to operate as usual” and that employees’ jobs would not be affected.

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Ad of the Day: Pepsi Debuts Diamond Engagement Ring Made With Crystal Pepsi

For people about to pop the question, Pepsi has introduced an unusual new idea for an engagement ring. The beverage company debuted the Pepsi Engagement Ring, made with two key materials: a real diamond and Crystal Pepsi.

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