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TBWA Made a Provocative Floating Tribute to Syrian Refugees Who Died at Sea

200 gravestones in the water

Last month, more than 200 gravestones appeared in the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 meters off the Aegean coast of Turkey. Made of waterproof styrofoam that resembled marble, and anchored with…

This Pet Store Tried to Sell a 'Gay Turtle' and Here's How Shoppers Reacted

Amnesty campaign tackles homophobia in Turkey

Reminding us that people are judgmental jerks regardless of nationality, creed or religion, Amnesty International and TBWA Istanbul created the #GayTurtle project, which mocks the absurdity of homophobic attitudes.  Homophobic violence…

Here Are Some of the World's Best Ads You Might Have Missed in 2015

Fun finds from this year's Epica Awards

Even if you feel bombarded by ads every day, you've probably missed quite a few of the better ones that never quite reached a global audience. This past week, I was…

This Beautifully Simple Illustration Is the Perfect Ad for National Geographic Kids

Turkish print wins gold at Epica

Most award-winning print ads rely on extreme Photoshopping, big-budget photography and meticulous art direction, but here's a wonderful exception to the rule. Istanbul agency Rafineri created the ad above for media conglomerate…

Audi's Airbags Keep You From Damnation, or Salvation, in These Turkish Print Ads

It's a thin line between you and eternity

Imagine you're mid-car-crash, face firmly planted against against an airbag, and you get a brief window into the afterlife. Will you be going to heaven, or somewhere a tad hotter? Either…

Human Rights Groups Call for Release of Vice Journalists Accused of Supporting ISIS

‘Baseless and alarmingly false’ accusations, says Vice

Two British Vice News journalists and their fixer remain in custody today in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir. Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury are charged with "working on behalf of a…

Art Director's Portfolio in a Bottle Gets Him Off Desert Island and Into an Agency Job

Castaway no more

To stand out in the piles of applications DDB Istanbul received when it was looking for an art director, Canhür Aktuglu sent out an SOS and presented his portfolio as…

Y&R Wins Media Grand Prix for App That Lets Women Call for Help by Shaking Their Phones

4 U.S. campaigns win gold

CANNES, France—Another female-empowerment campaign has triumphed at Cannes, with the Media Grand Prix going to a fascinating Vodafone app from Y&R Istanbul that lets women in Turkey call for help…

Whole Neighborhood Learns Sign Language to Surprise Deaf Resident in Samsung Ad

Sweet stunt from Turkey

Samsung Turkey has launched a website with a video call center for the hearing impaired, and it's announced it with quite the stunt. In the video below, titled "The Most Emotional…

Can You Please Watch This Romantic Turkish Ice Cream Ad, and Tell Me What's Going On in It?

A little help here

So, here's a lovely little four-minute love story from Unilever's Cornetto ice cream brand in Turkey. And you're probably smarter than I am and can figure out what's actually going…