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Fat- and Period-Shaming Collide in Easily the Year's Most Offensive Ad Aimed at Women

Got that 'jam donut' feeling?

Fat-shaming and period-shaming in a single commercial? J. Walter Thompson Melbourne has managed it, with predictably bad results, in this spot for Unicharm's SOFY BeFresh Pads. The ad is titled…

These Ridiculous Ads About Terrible Bosses Have Surprisingly Smart Twist Endings

Payoff is worth the pain

If you've ever had the misfortune of working under an immoral, irrational or just plain incompetent boss, you'll appreciate these clever management training ads. In three new videos, actors—gently described in…

Actor Enacts a Whale Killing, With Himself as the Whale, in Shocking PSA

Sea Shepherd's 'Ultimate Death Scene'

The killing of majestic animals is big news this week. And now, the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd has unveiled a brutal PSA protesting the slaughter of whales by demonstrating…

Ad of the Day: Leo Burnett Brings a Colorful Fantasy to Life for Honda

CR-V spot mirrors a child's imagination

This ad by Leo Burnett Melbourne for the Honda CR-V Series II is certainly a horse of a different color. That color is pink, the hue of a young girl's favorite…

This Agency Snuck a Testicular Cancer PSA Into the Adult Film Game of Balls (NSFW)

Stealth demo for the dudes

Adult movies have suddenly become the hot place to put cancer PSAs. M&C Saatchi in Sydney worked with adult film studio Digital Playground and the Nonprofit Blue Ball Foundation to place…

Australia's Brutal New Anti-Meth Ads Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Just like one of the characters'

In Australia, "ice" is anything but cool. Ice addiction—that is, a taste for crystal meth—has become a terrifying scourge Down Under, prompting the federal government to launch a six-week, $9 million…

Tiny Billboards for Ant-Man Are Popping Up That Ants Are Really Going to Love

Bringing out-of-home down to size

There's something irresistible about tiny billboards. We've seen them before, of course—for example, there was this LittleBigPlanet campaign from 2008 and this Lego stunt from 2012. And now, the upcoming superhero…

Ad of the Day: Artfully Chilling PSA Shows How Kids Learn Your Bad Driving Habits

Like puppets on strings

The notion that kids grow up to emulate their parents' driving habits fuels "Strings," an unusual spot created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for Australia's Transport Accident Commission. "Parents can't deny that…

Ricky Gervais Phones In These Hilariously Honest Ads Introducing Netflix to Australia

All for a 'shedload' of money

Ricky Gervais is the ultimate anti-pitchman in this amusing set of ads for Australian broadband and cable company Optus, promoting its deal to bring Netflix to the country. The creator of…

How Samsung VR Saved a Dad From Missing His Son's Birth—Sort Of

A beautiful moment or an intrusive ploy?

Would you let Samsung turn the birth of your child into an ad, if it meant the company would also set up a live-streaming virtual reality rig, so your partner…