Toys R Us

Digital-Savvy Millennials Will Sacrifice Privacy for Personalization, Says Leo Burnett Exec

BARCELONA, Spain—Marketers have grappled with privacy regulations for years, but the rise of younger generations who are accustomed to receiving targeted digital ads may finally be changing the game for retail brands.

U.S. Agency of the Year: BBDO Was 2015’s Unstoppable Creative Juggernaut

We don't know what's going to happen, but we know it's going to be interesting." That quote from BBDO New York chief creative officer Greg Hahn embodies his agency's approach to an ever-growing range of work.

Toys ‘R’ Us Makes a Poignant Christmas Ad About a Gift That’s Better Than Any Toy

Toys "R" Us is making a heartwarming addition to the Christmas ad file.The new commercial, from BBDO Atlanta, opens with sweet footage of a father and his young son preparing for the holidays—making a gingerbread house, prepping for the school play, visiting Santa at the mall, and so forth. But before long, you might start to wonder: Is someone missing?

Small or Large, Brands Are Betting Big on Programmatic Ads This Holiday Season

Programmatic advertisers are bullish on the holiday season, as retailers and packaged-goods companies look to hypertarget audiences more than ever.

Toys R Us Aims for the Heart and Parents’ Wallets With Its New Holiday Campaign

The holiday advertising season is officially upon us, and there's no clearer sign of the coming Christmas bonanza than a new campaign from America's largest toy retailer.

Could Target’s Move Away From Gender-Based Signs Kick-Start a Trend?

Late last week Target announced it will phase out some gender-based signs in its stores, specifically in the toy and bedding aisles.

Why Black Friday Is Overrated (and Always Was)

Travis Dent hopes Black Friday just dies, not least because it's already killed seven people.

The Story of Rubik’s Cube, the World’s Most Popular Toy

The event, in case you missed it, was called the Zonhoven Open. It took place in Belgium last March, and it witnessed 18-year-old Mats Valk do something remarkable.

34 Places Where You Can Start Using Your iPhone to Buy Stuff

So Apple’s best lineup of gadgets is out and its next big business is ready for launch—Apple Pay. The mobile payments service launches Monday and today Apple revealed a list of retailers who will start accepting your iPhone as currency.

NPR Is Running Voice Recognition-Enabled Ads

What you say out loud may soon be marketing data, and here’s why: Voice recognition-enabled ads are fast becoming a tool of mobile advertisers who want to ramp up response rates that often fall well short of 1 percent.