Gabriel Beltrone

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Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.

ING and JWT Amsterdam Resurrect Rembrandt With an AI-Powered Voice Clone

Painting lessons from the Dutch master, with a hand from Carnegie Mellon.

Fiverr’s Ads, Meant to Celebrate the Gig Economy, Also Keep Fueling Its Critics

The freelance network offers freedom, but some see a hamster wheel.

This Amusing Device Protects Against Holiday Double Dipping Party Fouls

Droga5 builds security system for Philadelphia brand.

Burger King’s New Trolling Ploy Sends Fans to McDonald’s to Unlock a 1-Cent Whopper Deal

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A Grandpa Makes It Home for Christmas in This Beautiful, Nostalgic Model Train Ad With a Twist

Viral German student filmmakers get a paid gig with Märklin.

1,500 Posters of Goats Having Sex Promote a Sustainable Cashmere Brand’s First NYC Store

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes You on a Very Personal Neighborhood Tour in AmEx’s New Ad

The spot celebrates the Broadway superstar's bond with Manhattan's Washington Heights.

Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond Have a Surprisingly Charming Bromance for Chef Boyardee

You have to give the brand points for trying.

Royal Caribbean Now Sets Your Vacation Photos to Music Using AI

Berklee College of Music helps cruise line train a song bot.

‘Dad, Do We Have a Gun?’ PSA Shows the Hardest Questions Often Come Too Late

Droga5 and Ad Council address 'family fire,' a newly coined term for accidental shootings in the home.