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Big beauty brands are finally recognizing the boys in the business.

Brands Are Throwing Out Gender Norms to Reflect a More Fluid World

James Charles may not seem like the typical ambassador of a beauty brand—and he's not. Meet CoverGirl's first CoverBoy.

Big Brands Like CoverGirl and Coke Are Finding the Perfect Moment to Deliver Mobile Ads

Bottom-of-the-page mobile banner ads can be tough sells nowadays if you work at a media company, whether you're pitching them to an advertiser or a consumer.

Janelle Monáe Is Building a Music Empire That Will Spark ‘a Revolution in Your Head’

Janelle Monáe wants the world to know that Wondaland Records, the singer-songwriter-producer's new venture with Sony Music Entertainment's Epic Records, is not merely a record label—it's a movement.

Pepsi MAX Brings You 2 of This Week’s YouTube Brand Hits

The brand performing best on the VideoWatch/VidIQ YouTube brand chart this week is Pepsi MAX, which took the top two spots with extreme acts of driving and running.

Ad of the Day: P&G Surges at Olympic Finish Line With CoverGirl’s ‘Girls Can’ Campaign

Of all the attempts at making inspirational Olympic ads this year, one of the most successful and unexpected came in the closing moments.

Talia Castellano, the World’s Most Inspiring CoverGirl, Dies of Cancer at 13

Talia Castellano, the 13-year-old honorary CoverGirl who inspired and entertained hundreds of thousands with her fighting spirit and her YouTube makeup tutorials, died Tuesday at age 13.

P&G Partners With Zefr to Listen In on YouTube Fan Base

All brands want to be content creators these days—and if their customers will create content for free, even better. But in the vast sea of YouTube videos, it’s not easy to keep track of all that fan-created fare.Los Angeles-based Zefr claims to have a solution. Procter & Gamble's CoverGirl and Pantene are the first brands to use BrandID, a software product designed to help advertisers find and listen to their most engaged and inspired customers—that is, people who actually make videos about or in response to their favorite products.

Fans Crush Brands When It Comes to YouTube

YouTube is increasingly becoming the most influential social network, and the place where pop culture is born. In fact, according to Cisco’s new Visual Networking Index forecast, video usage is projected to outperform Facebook and Twitter by 2017. With the proliferation of video, we are seeing a transformation in how consumers interact with brands. Consumers are no longer just a passive audience; they are now passionate fans who are actively participating in driving value for brands.And while there’s been lots of talk about brands acting as publishers, we’re increasingly finding that fans drive more value by creating videos about the brands and products that they love. Take CoverGirl, for example.

Meet Talia Castellano, the World’s Most Inspiring CoverGirl

CoverGirl has finally gotten around to releasing this wonderful photo of Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old cancer patient and budding makeup artist whom the brand named an honorary CoverGirl last month. Talia has MDS and neuroblastoma. She also has a magnetic personality, a fighting spirit and 250,000 rapt subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she gives makeup tutorials.