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    Forget Amazon. YouTube Is Where Shoppers Do Research


    So, you’re interested in buying something new for yourself or a loved one— something that needs to live up to your expectations.

    But long before you pull out your credit card, you confront the daunting task known as product research. You head over to because, after all, that’s where everyone goes for their product reviews… right?

    Well, not exactly.

    More and more, users are flocking to YouTube over Amazon for all of their pre- and post-purchase discussions. Here are three trends you need to know about this phenomenon:

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    Fans Crush Brands When It Comes to YouTube


    YouTube is increasingly becoming the most influential social network, and the place where pop culture is born. In fact, according to Cisco’s new Visual Networking Index forecast, video usage is projected to outperform Facebook and Twitter by 2017. With the proliferation of video, we are seeing a transformation in how consumers interact with brands. Consumers are no longer just a passive audience; they are now passionate fans who are actively participating in driving value for brands.

    And while there’s been lots of talk about brands acting as publishers, we’re increasingly finding that fans drive more value by creating videos about the brands and products that they love. Take CoverGirl, for example.