Most Snapchat Discover Ads Are Either Interactive or Direct Response

As Snapchat plugs away at proving that its vertical video ads work with data and machine-learning targeting, ma

7 Digital Ad Alternatives You Can Buy for the Same Price as a Super Bowl TV Spot

The 30-second Super Bowl TV ad remains the undisputed king of the advertising world, but year after year, marketers continue to wonder if it's worth it, especially as platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat tout new targeting and ad

Snapchat Is Now Selling Ads Against Nielsen’s TV-Like Ratings System

Snapchat may or may not become mobile television for younger generations.

Tumblr Adds Snapchat-Like Stickers and Filters for Photos and GIFs

Starting today, Tumblr looks a little bit more like Snapchat.The Yahoo-owned site is launching a mobile feature today that overlays stickers and filters on top of photos and GIFs that users share.

Snapchat Is Trying to Get Publishers to Cut Back on Racy and Misleading Content

Snapchat Discover is one of today's hottest sources of news, but it's possibly ... too hot?

President Trump Now Has a Snapchat Account as Part of His Social Media Switch Up

After being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States today, Donald J. Trump's social team is already at work setting up his social profiles and accounts.

This Startup Aims to Get Snapchat Users to Actually Pay for Brands’ Geofilters

Alex Kehr started a self-service website for Snapchat geofilters called GeofilterPlace on a Friday night last summer and then ditched it for two months. He basically acted like it didn't happen. "And then sales started organically taking off," Kehr explained. "I shifted my focus to it full-time, and it hasn't stopped growing."

Snapchat Advertisers Can Now Target the App’s Users Based on Offline Sales Data

Snapchat advertisers are about to find out if offline data can drive better campaigns on the app. After forging measurement partnerships and data partnerships with companies like Moat, Nielsen and Millward Brown over the past year, Snap Inc. has now signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) to arm marketers with more intelligence.

Snapchat Is Now Pitching Brands on Sequential Video Ads

Snapchat is encouraging brands to run longer video by buying bigger packages of ads.

Why Brands Should Include Social Video in Their Super Bowl Ad Spend

With brands shelling out north of $5 million for 30-second spots during the Super Bowl, this must be the year that they invest their time and energy into social media videos.