Why Instagram is a Ripe Opportunity for Brands (Infographic)

Forget about organic reach on Facebook. Instagram is a platform where users actively seek out branded content and organic reach still reigns supreme.

Many advertisers bemoan the loss of organic reach on Facebook, a problem some would argue is only getting worse over time. Other networks are frequented by more engaged users who seek out branded content, and businesses would be wise to investigate those. According to an infographic from Selfstartr.com, Instagram should be your first consideration.

Facebook’s potential organic audience has been declining for years, from 11 percent in 2012, to just four percent in 2014. However, Instagram has shown the opposite trend: higher user numbers have managed to increase the potential organic audience by 13 percent in just the last two years.

By contrast, Instagram’s users very willing to engage with branded content on the network. 68 percent of users regularly engage with brands on the site, while only 32 percent of Facebook users do the same. Indeed, Instagram has seen four-fold increases in engagement per post for top brands in recent years.

One of Facebook’s main problems is saturation. 93 percent of marketers are using Facebook, while only 36 percent are using Instagram. However, Facebook’s saturation causes other problems, from ad fatigue to increased use of adblockers, which could be hurting engagement significantly.

If you haven’t advertised or created content on Instagram before, now is a great time to move in as an early adopter. For an extensive strategy guide for marketing on Instagram, visit Selfstartr.com

Why-Brands-Should-Embrace-Instagram-Instead-of-Facebook-INFOGRAPHIC-by-selfstartrPhoto courtesy of Shutterstock.