Twitter Suspends 1,594 Accounts From Networks Originating in 5 Countries

They were tied to state-linked information operations

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Twitter permanently suspended 1,594 accounts associated with five distinct networks for various violations of its platform manipulation policies, tying those networks to state-linked information operations in Cuba, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Twitter Safety shared details about the five networks in a blog post Thursday.

  • Cuba: Twitter permanently suspended 526 fake accounts run by youth organizations with ties to the Cuban government, including Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas and Federación Estudiantil Universitaria.
  • Iran: The social network identified a network of primarily compromised accounts operating from Iran and artificially amplifying conversations on racial and social justice issues in the U.S., such as Black Lives Matter and the murder of George Floyd. A total of 104 accounts were suspended, with Twitter saying it will attempt to restore them to the original account holders.
  • Russia: Twitter worked with industry peers and the FBI, and it was made aware of accounts with potential links to a fake news agency called PeaceData, which were immediate removed. All links from those accounts were marked as unsafe across the platform.
  • Saudi Arabia: A total of 33 accounts with ties to the Saudi government were removed. They had been created to impersonate key Qatari political figures and advance narratives about Qatari politics that were favorable to Saudi authorities.
  • Thailand: A network of 926 accounts linked to the Royal Thai Army was removed for amplifying pro-RTA and pro-government content, as well as engaging in behavior targeting prominent political opposition figures.

Information on all of these accounts was added to Twitter’s Information Operations archive.