Twitter Makes Secured Connection More Permanent

Twitter began rolling out its secure HTTPS connection two weeks ago, and today announced a more permanent solution. Now, users can choose to always access Twitter through HTTPS rather than an unsecured connection by simply changing an option in their settings.

In early March, pioneering Twitter celebrity Ashton Kutcher was hacked. Although this was a friendly hacker who only wanted to warn Kutcher and his followers about the dangers of unsecured tweeting, Twitter responded quickly and announced that users could access its service through a secured HTTPS connection.

Now, Twitter has made this feature more permanent.

Rather than having to type “” every time you want to use Twitter securely now, you can turn on HTTPS permanently. To turn on HTTPS, go to your settings on and check the box next to “Always use HTTPS” which now appears at the bottom of the settings page.

Twitter notes that this option will work with and on the official iPhone and iPad mobile applications, regardless of whether you’ve selected it or not. However, accessing will not be defaulted to HTTPS, even if you’ve selected it in your settings, so you still need to type “HTTPS” before the address.

We expect Twitter will roll out an even more permanent solution in the coming months, making HTTPS the default way to access Twitter like Google did for Gmail last year.