Will There Be A Twitter IPO In 2013?

Back in May, we shared Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s disavowal of any notions that Twitter would be going public any time soon.

But that was seven months ago.

And investors are starting to speculate: will we see a Twitter IPO in 2013?

A recent management shuffle – Ali Rowghani moved from his position of CFO to COO, while recent hire and former Zynga treasurer Mike Gupta took the CFO seat – suggests that the company is moving closer to getting ready for prime time.

At six years of age and now 200 million active users, Twitter has matured way past start-up status.

And there’s chatter that Twitter ad revenues could top $1 billion next year, as, according to Techcrunch, Twitter brought in roughly $350 million in total revenue for 2012.

So it seems like, with that extremely impressive growth, Twitter is well-positioned for IPO.

But at the same time, learning from the mistakes of its predecessors – Facebook, Zynga, Groupon – Twitter might be biding its time past 2013.

As Costelo said at Wired’s “Disruptive by Design” conference back in May,

“If you have a great business, then you can be a public company whenever you want to be a public company. You’re not beholden to a window.”

How long do you think Twitter will hold out before it offers its IPO?

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