Thomas’ Bagels Launched a Breakfast-Themed Emoji Keyboard on iOS, Android

An update on National Bagel Day Feb. 9 will add more selections

The keyboard contains more than 30 breakfast-themed emoji Thomas' Bagels

In celebration of National Bagel Day Feb. 9, Thomas’ Bagels launched a free emoji keyboard application on iOS and Android.

At launch, the Thomas’ Emoji Keyboard app features more than 30 breakfast-themed emoji, including multiple kinds of bagels and English muffins, as well as emoji containing phrases like “Literally Everything” (featuring an everything bagel).

As a branded keyboard, the emoji set also includes the Thomas’ logo and a “nooks & crannies” emoji, which is related to the company’s English muffins. A planned app update on National Bagel Day will add 12 more emoji to the keyboard.

Users can share these emoji with their contacts through text messages or paste them into the text field in other apps, like Facebook. Users can share one emoji at a time or combine multiple emoji into a single image that can be pasted and shared.

Richard Link, senior marketing director at Thomas’, said, “With more than 5 billion sent each day, emojis have become one of the most popular forms of communication. After recognizing the significant void in the market and consumers’ demands for a bagel emoji, we wanted to kick the fanfare up a notch in advance of National Bagel Day by bringing fans the breakfast emoji the world has been waiting for. As the Thomas’ brand continues to attract and connect with millennials and younger families, we challenged ourselves to expand our concept into a full keyboard of breakfast favorites, fun pop-culture sayings and Thomas’ icons such as the English muffin and Swirl Bread. We’re excited to see our passionate fan base leverage these exciting new icons and interact with our brand in a whole new way.”

The Thomas’ Emoji Keyboard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.