Subtitles Can Now Be Added to Videos on Twitter

The social network will continue to support closed captions, as well

Subtitles can be viewed via the web, iOS and Android Twitter

Video publishers on Twitter can now include .SRT subtitles that can be viewed via the web, iOS and Android.

Group product manager Matt Dennebaum said in a blog post that publishers have sought this feature for quite some time due to the fact that videos auto-play without sound in Twitter’s timeline.

Twitter will continue to support CEA-style captions that are enabled when people turn on closed captioning via the accessibility settings on their iOS and Android devices.

Dennebaum pointed out that subtitles are different from closed captions, saying that Twitter defines them as transcripts of the dialog or audio in a video in .SRT files that are attached to videos via Twitter Media Studio, Twitter Ads or the social network’s application-programming interface.

For users, if the video they are watching contains subtitles, they can be viewed on iOS and Android if the sound on their devices is turned off, or on the web by clicking on the “cc” toggle. When videos are expanded, sound playback is enabled, so the subtitles will be hidden.

For publishers looking to add subtitles, they can click on a video within their Media Studio library, select the Subtitles tab in the pop-up window, choose the language of their subtitles in the drop-down menu, click the upload button and add an .SRT file from their computer. Clicking the pencil icon enables them to update that file. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.