B&N Partners With Rovio For Exclusive Angry Birds Mighty Eagle

In another article today, I wrote about how eReaders like the Barnes and Noble NOOK Color are out selling tablets. In that article I might have given the impression that eReaders are single purpose devices, but the NOOK Color is really an eBook centric device that can actually run other apps and therefore can do many different things. Today B&N added another feature by announcing that NOOK Color users will get an exclusive first access to Rovios’s location based component for Angry Birds called Magic Places.

Magic Places utilizes location awareness to unlock special content when you are in a designated location. If you bring a NOOK Color to a B&N store you will have access to an exclusive Mighty Eagle character. A Mighty Eagle is a special bird, usually only available via in-app purchase, that helps you solve a level. When you activate the Mighty Eagle it instantly smashes all of the remaining pigs in that level. A Mighty Eagle can be re-used, but after waiting a re-charge period of one hour.