Frank McPherson

Apple Has Siri, Android Has Cluzee

As an Android user, I have managed to not have iPhone envy, at least not until Apple announced the iPhone 4S with Siri. Ever since I first heard about Siri […]

Access Google Calendar On A Kindle Fire

I have found a way to access my Google Calendar information on the Kindle Fire other than by using the web browser. Unfortunately, the solution does require you to spend […]

Google Brings Catalogs Back To The Future

Today the Google Catalogs app was released for Android tablets. The free Catalogs app makes 125 different catalogs available for browsing on an iPad and Android tablet, and in some […]

It’s About The Google Experience

In a piece titled “How Amazon Is Making A Sucker Out Of Google” writer Mike Elgan suggests that Amazon is taking advantage of Google’s open policy towards Android and in […]

K-9 Mail Is A Better Mail App For The Kindle Fire

While Amazon wisely included a mail app on the Kindle Fire, I have been less than satisfied with it. The main problem I have with the Fire’s mail app is […]

Google Features A Dozen Movie Rentals For $0.99 Each

If you live in the United States, have the next two days off, and are looking for something to do, Google has a solution, watch a movie! A dozen movies […]

A Look At The Google Music Store On Android

Last week the Google Music store opened, and as I wrote then, the Android Market app needed an update in order to provide the Music section of the store on […]

360 Panorama Comes To Android

I’ve been using Pano to take panoramic photos on my Nexus S running Android, and while it does a pretty good job of creating panoramic photos by stitching multiple pictures […]

New Version Of Firefox For Android Available For Testing

A version of Firefox has been available for Android since March, and since then a few updates have been released that have made them more stable. I have Firefox installed […]

Disable Facebook Sharing In The Spotify iPhone And Android Apps

Over the weekend concerns about Facebook oversharing was the topic of posts on Google+ and on blogs. The concern is over Facebook’s new “frictionless sharing” with apps that automatically share […]