Reports: Facebook nearing launch of ad network, ‘Atlas’


As early as next week, Facebook could launch a new advertising network to help it compete with Google, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Reportedly named Atlas (based on Facebook’s 2013 acquisition of Atlas from Microsoft), the new ad network will help marketers better target and measure the performance of their ads. Facebook has declined to comment on the matter, as is standard procedure for reports like this.

Dayna Moon, Senior Director of Social, 3Q Digital, discussed with Inside Facebook the potential of Atlas:

This move further solidifies Facebook as a comprehensive marketing platform. In the race to win brand dollars, Facebook has just upped the ante by seeing Google’s “cookie alternative” and raising them one. As tech companies continue to advance features and release updates, attribution will remain both an opportunity and a hurdle for many. However, with this move Facebook is inching closer to not only answering the online to offline dollars equation but solving it. The only caveat is that users, of course, have to be on Facebook.

Facebook, according to eMarketer projections, still ranks a distant second to Google in terms of the worldwide share of digital ad revenue. Google paces the field, responsible for 31.45 percent of the internet’s ad revenue. Facebook is projected at 7.79 percent, with Microsoft third at 2.54 percent.

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Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.