Report: 60% Of Mobile Internet Time Is For Social Networking

A report from Ground Truth, a Mobile Internet usage metrics measurement firm, has found that more than half of the time we spend online on our phones is for social networking activities, particularly for Facebook and MySpace. What’s even more interesting is that mobile social network users tend to be more engaged in the activities than their counterparts on non-mobile browsers or desktop clients.

For the week ending Apr 4, 2010, U.S. mobile subscribers spent nearly 60% of their time doing social networking and 7.35% messaging. The second largest category by time: visiting portals, at 13.65%. In terms of actual sessions per week per subscriber, MySpace usage inched out Facebook, scoring 57.6 to the latter’s 56.9. In terms of pages viewed per subscriber, MySpace scored 246 to Facebook’s 205. That said, MocoSpace and AirG, both “mobile-centric” social networks, beat MySpace and Facebook in both sessions per subscriber and pages per subscriber. Ground Truth uses their True View product to measure mobile Internet usage figures. See the site for details.