Raj Dash

10 Things That Might Help Palm Survive

Palm, Inc., obviously has a rough road ahead of them and there are some things they could do to increases the chances of survival. Some change is a necessity, given […]

Twitter Buys Cloudhopper For SMS Services

Twitter just announced on their blog this morning that they’ve made another acquisition, Cloudhopper, to boost up their SMS service. This purchase emphasizes Twitters origins as being intended for mobile […]

Scene It? Movie Game Now On Facebook

Scene It?, a DVD board game that tests your movie and general entertainment knowledge, now has it’s own Facebook edition, complete with thoroughly addictive game mechanics and additional upcoming social […]

How To Track Someone's Location Via Cell Phone

For all those people who say the government cannot track people with their cell phones, two security researchers say it’s actually not that hard, and anyone can do it. What’s […]

Report: 60% Of Mobile Internet Time Is For Social Networking

A report from Ground Truth, a Mobile Internet usage metrics measurement firm, has found that more than half of the time we spend online on our phones is for social […]

Google Revamping Their Mobile Maps Products

This past week, Google Maps has seen a number of changes, especially to the mobile version, with voice search being amongst the most important. First, turn by turn navigation for […]

8 Mobile Geo-Location Application Types

While geo-location aka Location-Based Service (LBS) apps are a fairly new category in the mobile space, it’s already hard to keep track of the dozens available and still growing. Instead […]

Apple Gets Patent for Mobile Paperless 'iTravel' Tickets

Apple’s latest patent, iTravel, not only has the potential to give them a bigger chunk of the mobile payments and paperless ticketing markets, but also the potential to solve many […]

Trapster: Crowdsourced Speed Trap Warnings

Anti-radar devices are hardly new, but Trapster’s mobile crowdsourced approach is a new way to warn drivers of speed traps ahead and other road conditions. This mobile approach recently netted […]

iPhone App Lets You Be a Paid, Crowdsourced Field Agent

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to be a paid ‘field agent’ for clients, using an iPhone. At least, that’s the objective of a new iPhone app, Field […]