Poke All Your Friends With One Click

Want to be able to send out a broadcast poke? Thanks to John Watson, now you can. The Poke O’ Matic application allows you to poke all of your friends each time you visit the Facebook homepage. Why would you want to do this you ask? The only reason I can see for doing it is to constantly send all of your friends a reminder that you are still around. Ultimately, every time that you login to Facebook (which I’m guessing is on a daily basis) your friends will receive a poke. Additionally, you can customize how frequently pokes are sent out to your friends, and how many friends receive a poke. By default the application is set to 100 pokes every 24 hours which seems like plenty of poking to me. There is also a nice little counter on your homepage that notifies you of how many of your daily pokes have been sent. If you love poking as much as I do then you will surely need to grab the Poke O’ Matic application.