Nick O'Neill

The Biggest Loser In Facebook Versus Google Is You

Google is strong-arming users by forcing them to have a social search experience built around one service provider, Google. Not only is it anti-competitive, but it goes against the users' best interest.

Facebook's Mobility Opportunity

Facebook's mobile strategy is far more of an opportunity than a weakness.

The Special Zynga-Facebook Relationship: By The Numbers

Facebook is so dependent upon Zynga that they might as well be sleeping together.

Facebook And The TV

Facebook wants to continue to increase the amount of attention earned from its 800 million-strong user base. The only way to do that is to become more like a technology that's increasingly feeling like a relic of the past: Television.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out The Ticker To More Users

Facebook has begun rolling out a news ticker on the right side of the homepage to a larger set of users.

Facebook Messenger Needs Serious Improvement

I think Facebook's latest group texting application could use some improvement.

Facebook's New Paradigm And The Attention Wars

The war for consumer attention is heating up between online giants Facebook and Google.

Will Facebook Hit Google With A Cease And Desist?

One of the features found in Google Plus, the company's new social networking product, is photo tagging. It's a feature that Facebook was awarded a patent for just a couple of months ago. So will the social network send a cease-and-desist letter to the search giant?

The One Google Plus Feature Facebook Should Fear

While tech pundits are widely praising Google's new Plus product, I've found the one feature that could take away from Facebook where it's most dominant: Time on the site.

Facebook Shuts Down A Large Number Of Applications

Over the past couple days Facebook has been shutting down a large number applications due to changes to the automated platform monitoring system.