Pinterest Shared Its List of 100 Emerging Trends for 2019

Over 175 billion ideas have been saved to some 3 billion boards

The annual Pinterest 100 list is here Pinterest

Pinterest shared the 2019 version of its annual Pinterest 100 list, which highlights emerging trends on its platform for the coming year.

More than 250 million monthly users come to Pinterest, with over 175 billion ideas saved to some 3 billion boards to date, a spokesperson said.

Pinterest also shared examples of brands finding inspiration from the 2018 list, including arts-and-crafts retailer Michaels Stores creating a Make It Kit in response to last year’s shibori cloth trend and tech giant HP creating Pins with free printable art after noting that printable artwork was trending.

Full details are available here, but here is a look at the 2019 Pinterest 100:



Riding the bus is back in style, with a 32 percent rise in searches for bus travel.

Pinners also sought to relax in hot springs (searches up 32 percent in 2018) or explore abandoned castles (142 percent) and less-traveled islands (179 percent).

Some of them didn’t even want to know where they were going, with searches for surprise destinations up 192 percent year-over-year.

Four wheels are nice, but two are nicer: Searches for bike tours were up 64 percent.

Pinners also sought ideas on small towns (searches up 276 percent), zero waste travel including strategic and sustainable packing (74 percent) and autumn scenery (94 percent).

Health and wellness


Pinterest’s data insights team found that self-care will be a big theme for 2019, with searches up 140 percent year-over-year.

Other topics in eating, exercising and sleeping that saw search growth on Pinterest throughout 2018 included elderberry recipes (685 percent), bakuchiol (275 percent), super powders (like matcha and maca, 144 percent), sleep optimization (116 percent), nutrition plans (475 percent), goat milk soap (231 percent), band workouts (1,913 percent), sober living (746 percent), beeswax wraps (146 percent) and ginger oil (659 percent).

Hobbies and interests


Pinterest said there are 8 billion hobby and interest Pins on its platform, adding that some of its users have turned those hobbies and interests into their full-time jobs, with a 690 percent leap in searches for hustles at home.

Other related topics to see sharp upward moves in searches included acrylic pour painting (660 percent), body painting (444 percent), ceramic pottery (475 percent), 52-week savings plan (295 percent), chalk art (664 percent), sketchbooks (513 percent), how to grow an avocado tree (101 percent), boat building (169 percent) and urban decay photography (44 percent).



Pinterest users searched for ideas on invites, decorations, food, drinks, cake, photo props and even what to wear.

Searches that saw year-over-year growth included godparent proposals (152 percent), backyard wedding (441 percent), donut décor (748 percent), mini moment celebrations (113 percent), gold wedding gowns (1,552 percent), number cakes (314 percent), smoke bomb photography (436 percent), neon wedding sign (281 percent), flower garland (1,154 percent) and moon gatherings (54 percent).



There are 23 billion recipes and dining ideas on Pinterest, and healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients are leading the way for 2019.

There were year-over-year spikes in searches for mushroom recipes (64 percent), ginger water (353 percent), oatmilk (186 percent), baking bread (413 percent), eating pegan (337 percent), grazing tables (163 percent), foil pack dinners (759 percent), oxtail recipes (209 percent), homemade jam (829 percent) and chayote recipes (76 percent).



The Pinterest data insights team found that 83 percent of home searches were related to day-to-day do-it-yourself projects and 60 percent to more monumental undertakings, such as remodels and landscaping.

Related topics that saw search surges in 2018 included mustard yellow (45 percent), contemporary fireplace (763 percent), textile art (1,718 percent), geometric paint (225 percent), tin interiors (563 percent), cactus arrangements (235 percent), vertical gardens (287 percent), painted floor tiles (1,276 percent), bold print wallpaper (401 percent) and natural swimming pools (262 percent).

Men’s style

Pinterest David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.