Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget

For all those Netvibes users, you can now access all of your important Facebook information from the comfort of your Netvibes homepage. Tariq Krim posted about it this morning on the Netvibes blog. The widgets displays information about your messages, pokes, friend and group requests, event invites, birthdays and friend details. The only thing currently missing from this widget is access to your newsfeed which is not currently accessible via the Facebook API. I’ve seen some pretty slick widgets for iGoogle but this one is definitely the best start page widget that I have seen yet. It would be pretty awesome if you could perform all of your routine Facebook tasks from within widgets but unfortunately Facebook has not opened up access to a lot of these components yet. This brings up a question about Facebook. Will they ever end being a walled garden? I believe so but I’ll save that conversation for another blog post. Scoble commented this morning on Plaxo trying to make opening up their network their competitive advantage over Facebook. I have to agree with Scoble who thinks this won’t work. I’m going to leave it at that for now. If you want to add Facebook to your Netvibes account, go grab the Facebook widget.