Move Contacts Between Mobile Phones

Having now used four different Android phones, I have learned that it is very easy to move contacts and calendar information from one Android phone to another because all that information is stored in the Gmail and Google Calendar web applications. If you use an Android phone and opt to switch to an iPhone, you can configure the iPhone to use the same Gmail and Google Calendar applications, but if you want to use Apple’s MobileMe service, you could be faced with having to manually move all of that information.

In an article for GigaOm Kevin Tofel writes about a web service called MoveMyContacts and provides instructions for using the service to move contacts from an Android phone to an iPod Touch. The process involves installing apps on the smartphone that uses SyncML to synchronize contact information to MoveMyContacts’ servers. To get the contact information on a target device, you will need to install the app that MoveMyContacts recommends, which uses the SyncML synchronization protocol. The overall process seems straightforward, and at $8.33 for a 30-day subscription, MoveMyContacts’ service is very reasonably priced.