Publishers Now Have a Monetization Tab to Turn Facebook Instant Articles Ads On or Off

Publishers sought more control over monetization options within Instant Articles

Publishers now have an easy way to turn these recirculation ads on or off Facebook

Publishers running ads within Facebook Instant Articles no longer have to resort to HTML to turn those ads on or off.

Product manager Hossam Tewfik announced in a Facebook Media blog post that the social network added a monetization tab to Facebook Audience Network, enabling publishers to toggle those ads on or off via a single switch.

The monetization tab is located in the Instant Articles section of Publishing Tools on Facebook Audience Network, and publishers can choose to opt certain articles out of the recirculation ads process, with more technical details available here.

Tewfik said the new tab is the result of requests by publishers to control their monetization options within Instant Articles, adding, “Today’s public rollout of recirculation ads and the launch of the monetization tab are direct responses to the feedback we have heard from publishers asking for additional opportunities and more control over how they monetize their content in Instant Articles.”

He also said average revenue per 1,000 page views (RPM) has jumped by more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year and is now equal to or better than traditional mobile web monetization for most publishers. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.