Mobile Game Roundup: Sling Kong, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? There are quite a few new options available, including Farming Simulator 16, a realistic farming game from Giants Software.

Fans of crafting games also have a new option, as King released Paradise Bay, which takes players to a tropical island and asks them to gather resources which can be crafted into more valuable objects and sold to the locals, or other players.

Looking for something different? Here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

Sling Kong (Free on iOS, Android) – The second release from developer Protostar, Sling Kong is an endless survival title, asking players to fling cartoon animals as high as they can by aiming at pegs the character will automatically attach to. Players will need to avoid obstacles like spinning blades, fire walls and more, and will collect coins as they play. These coins can be spent on a prize machine, which rewards players with even more coins, and potentially new playable characters.

Zoombinis ($4.99 on iPad, Android tablets) – A recreation of the classic children’s educational game, Zoombinis from TERC was created alongside FableVision Studios and Learning Games Network, and asks players to help the Zoombinis (a group of friendly blue creatures) reach Zoombiniville by completing activities that test the player’s logic, data analysis, problem solving skills and more. The game offers 12 increasingly difficult challenges in environments including Pizza Pass and Mudball Wall. Zoombinis is coming soon to Kindle Fire.

Baller Legends (Free on iOS) – A basketball shooting game from Battery Acid Games, Baller Legends asks players to swipe vertical lines on the screen to shoot the ball at the hoop to earn points. Players can complete specific challenges which may ask them to earn a large number of points in a limited number of shots, or can try arcade mode which allows them to earn as many points as they can before missing three shots. Players earn stars from challenges, and earn coins as they play, both of which can be spent on new items in the store, like patterned basketballs, jerseys and more.

Loot & Legends (Free on iPad) – From DropForge Games, Loot & Legends is an adaptation of the PC role-playing game (RPG) Card Hunter. Loot & Legends was built specifically for mobile, and is a table-top board game mixing card collection, RPG and strategy elements. Players will build a party of heroes and earn loot as they take on enemies, with loot including sets of armor and abilities that will allow players to defeat the game’s bosses.


Portalball (Free on iOS, Android) – Created via a partnership between Appetizer Mobile and New York Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, Portalball is an augmented reality baseball game, challenging players to catch, hit or pitch baseballs in single-player practice games or multiplayer matches. In the multiplayer mode, players take turns pitching, batting and catching, with balls appearing from (and being sent back through) portals which appear in the augmented reality space around the player. Practice mode offers a similar experience, but is a single-player mode allowing players to improve their skills with the game. Gamers can unlock new bats and balls as they play, which may change the scoring potential for each game. While playing, gamers can record their gameplay and share these videos with friends via social networks. An additional ‘challenges’ mode is coming soon, which will challenge players to accumulate the most points possible in timed contests.

The Lost Treasure Island ($0.99 on iOS) – In this 3-D adventure game, players become stranded on an island that contains the ‘famous lost treasure of the Knights Templars.’ Players will complete puzzles as they avoid traps and ‘tricks’ in an effort to uncover the island’s mysteries. The Lost Treasure Island is compatible with iPhone 5S+ and iPad Air and iPad mini 2+.

Toby’s Monster ($1.99 on iOS) – From Millenway Studios, Toby’s Monster features a mix of mini-games with pet simulation gameplay, as players help Toby raise a creature in a tank by completing complicated mini-games to earn coins to purchase food for the creature to eat. For instance, the first mini-game offers multiple stages which see players collecting and ultimately selling fish to earn coins. Each batch of food costs 500 coins to purchase, so players may need to play mini-games more than once to afford them.

World of Warriors Quest

World of Warriors Quest (Free on iOS, Android) – From Mind Candy, this newest title in the World of Warriors series sees players completing dungeons containing turn-based battles against multiple waves of enemies. On each turn, players have a limited amount of time to spend a few action points to move their characters around the game board or attack enemies, but must split their one pool of action points among all of their active heroes. Gamers can collect bonus items, like health refills or jars of mana (for triggering special attacks), to help them survive difficult encounters. Heroes will level up over time, with more individual warriors (as well as enemies, boosts and story chapters) set for release in future updates.

Doodle God 8-bit Mania

Doodle God: 8-bit Mania ($0.99 on iOS) – This element combination title from JoyBits has pixelated graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack, challenging players to combine base elements into more complicated items. While players may begin with basic elements, like fire or air, they’ll eventually form things like skyscrapers, weapons or animals. The game offers over 100 elements to create at launch, across 14 different groups, and is available in 13 languages.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 ($2.99 on iOS) – In what creator Scott Cawthon describes as the ‘last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy’s original story,’ players take on the role of a child who must defend themselves at home from Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonny, Foxy and others by keeping an eye on the bedroom door, closet, bed and more. Players are equipped with a flashlight, which can be used to scare away monsters, with players challenged to survive each night until 6 a.m. to progress. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was also released on Android in late July.