Marketers Shop the Same Way Consumers Do (Infographic)

There's a disconnect between what consumers want and the tactics marketers are using.

User-generated content is a keystone many consumers seek out when making purchase decisions. Unfortunately, there are several areas of disconnect between consumers and marketers in e-commerce and on social, and efforts don’t always match expectations.

An infographic from Column Five and Newscred examines how Fortune 1000 marketers shop online, and this could teach us how to remove this disconnect.

Marketers follow a lot of the same patterns as consumers when shopping online: 64 percent visit user review websites, 17 percent visit brand websites and 10 percent visit social media channels. Much like other users, marketers want unbiased peer opinions when it comes to purchases. 70 percent of marketers also say that user reviews influence them the most when it comes to a purchase.

However, marketers persist in investing in advertising methods that potential customers are less responsive to. 45 percent of marketing budgets are spent on traditional advertising, 14 percent of budgets went to search engine optimization and social marketing optimization, and only 10 percent to social. 27 percent of budget are allocated to content marketing–a segment that is expected to continue growing.

Marketers are aware that traditional marketing is no longer as impactful as it once was, and only 5 percent believe it delivers the highest return on investment. 54 percent report that email marketing delivers the highest ROI, while only 5 percent believe social marketing is highest. The problem with social ROI is that marketers still struggle to measure it, so better tools could facilitate social marketing modernization.

For more insight, view the infographic below.