Report: 58% of App Users Become Inactive in First 30 Days

New data from Localytics highlights the correlation between early app sessions and user abandonment.

New data from Localytics, an analysis and marketing platform for mobile and Web applications, highlighted the difficulty app developers have in keeping users engaged over the long-term and showed that 58 percent of users “churn,” or become inactive, in the first 30 days after they download an app.

By the two-month mark, that number increases to 71 percent of users, and it increases even further, to 75 percent, by the third month.

Not surprisingly, Localytics found a strong correlation between the number of app sessions a user completes and app abandonment. To be specific, 75 percent of users who use an app only once in the first 30 days after the download will churn, while only 14 percent of users who complete 11 or more app sessions will churn in the first month.

Localytics Churn

Using this data, Localytics identified what it calls the “critical hurdle” app users need to reach to suggest they have “seen value in [the] app” and can “be considered an active user”: three app sessions per month. However, even with three sessions in the first month, there’s still the potential users will churn if left unengaged. In response, Localytics has described the “3×3 rule” for creating loyal users.

According to the report, user churn will decrease to 29 percent if developers can encourage users to have three sessions in the first three days of downloading an app. The report encourages developers to utilize tools like in-app messaging, retargeting campaigns or targeted push notifications to keep users interested.

Localytics’ full data is available here.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.