Jeff Pulver's #140conf TLV Brings Twitter Talk To Israel

Yesterday I attended Jeff Pulver’s second 140 Character Conference in Tel Aviv. The full day #140conf event brought together a wide variety of people including high-techies, musicians, comedians, artists, fashionistas, military personnel and more, to discuss the Real Time Web and Twitter in Israel. Read more about what went down yesterday at the conference after the jump, and stay tuned for posts about some of the most poignant presentations and issues discussed at the conference.

It is important to note that Pulver’s #140conf is not a Twitter conference, although Twitter seemed to be the focus of most of the presentations here in Israel yesterday. Rather, the conference is designed to discuss the effects of the Real Time Internet on business as well as on humanity. Wikipedia defines the Real Time Web as “a set of technologies and practices which enable users to receive information as soon as it is published by its authors”, or in other words, in real time. Jeff Pulver describes the inspiration behind his #140conf series in the video below.