Megan O'Neill

The Fine Brothers on Engaging with Fans Beyond YouTube

MyMusic is more than just a web series on YouTube. It has turned into a full-on social media extravaganza, with characters engaging with fans via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and even a new dedicated music news site.

This Infographic of Instagram Stats is Perfect For Instagramming

Here at SocialTimes you know we love our infographics, and we love our Instagram too so when this perfectly-Instagrammable infographic about Instagram caught our eye we couldn't help sharing!

Netflix Replaces Queue with Smart ‘My List’ That Knows What You Want To Watch Next

Goodbye Instant Queue; Hello 'My List'. This morning, Netflix introduced "a new way to save titles to your own row on Netflix." It's called "My List" and director of product innovation Mark Spiegelman calls it "a better way to help you easily find and watch those titles you picked to watch."

9 Tips for Running A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

If you’re thinking about turning to crowdfunding to raise money for your project, you may have questions about where to start and what you can do to ensure that your campaign is a success. Earlier this month, we sat in on a crowdfunding panel at VidCon to glean some advice from experts. Check out their tips after the jump.

Jason Calacanis on How to Own Your Audience and Stop Relying on YouTube

Jason Calacanis' Vidcon Keynote, "How to own your audience - a discussion with Jason Calacanis," promised to be a discussion of "how to build deep, direct relationships with your audience to build sustainable businesses that don't rely on partners like Facebook or YouTube." It lived up to this promise, but was also a call to action for YouTube creators to stop being afraid of big, bad YouTube and begin asking YouTube for a new, better deal.

6 Big Announcements From YouTube’s VidCon Keynote

YouTube just finished up their Keynote at VidCon, complete with lots of exciting announcements. This year's Keynote was majorly focused on YouTube creators and how the video site is working to increase subscribers and ad revenue, provide resources and more. We've compiled a list of some of the biggest announcements out of Anaheim this afternoon.

YouTube Previews New Feature To Help Creators Interact With Top Fans

This afternoon at VidCon, YouTube previewed a new feature called Top Fans that sounds like it's going to revolutionize the way that YouTube creators engage with their fans. The feature will make it easier for creators to engage with their most influential and engaged fans, as well as glean demographics about these fans to aid in potential collaborations and beyond.

Is It Harder For Women To Succeed On YouTube?

Earlier this year, British YouTuber Benjamin Cook's "Becoming YouTube: Girls On YouTube" sparked some controversy--mainly because it ignored the fact that there are hugely successful female YouTubers, such as Grace Helbig, iJustine, Hannah Hart and Jenna Marbles, the second most-subscribed-to creator on YouTube with over 8 million subscribers and 1.1 billion video views. It also left out the voices of some of YouTube's more seasoned and successful female stars, many of whom actually feel empowered by their YouTube fans and tout the advantages of being women on the video site. We'll hear from a couple of these more optimistic female YouTubers shortly, but first - here's a look at some of the biggest issues brought to light in Cook's 'Girls On YouTube' video.

An Insider’s Look at Brand Advertising on YouTube

These days, more and more brands are incorporating YouTube into their online advertising and marketing strategies. But if you're new to advertising on YouTube, it can be tough figuring out how it works and where to get started. We spoke with Michael Lanz, Industry Director, Social & Information at Google, and Jane Barrett, Director of Marketing and Communications at Zoosk, to glean some insight into the benefits of brand advertising on YouTube, as well as some tips on how to get started.

4 Benefits (And 1 Big Challenge) of Streaming Live on YouTube

More and more brands are beginning to think about live streaming and how they can incorporate it into their online video strategy. We spoke with Bern Rexer of MXPI, a thirteen-year veteran of live television and live streaming production, to find out more about how live streaming works on YouTube, as well as some of the benefits and challenges of the medium.