Interview: Prankster Charlie Todd On YouTube & The Success Of Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere has become one of the most successful networks of pranksters, causing scenes in public places all over New York City. Started by Charlie Todd in 2001, the group has carried out more than 100 missions, from staging a mass human freeze in Grand Central station to reenacting Star Wars on the Subway, to cause a stir and spread joy, laughter and confusion on the streets of NYC. Curious about the hand YouTube played in the success and growth of Improv Everywhere, I asked Todd a few questions.

If you are a YouTube fanatic like me then you have seen Improv Everywhere’s videos, without a doubt. The group’s YouTube channel has over 122 million upload views and over 469,000 subscribers. It is the 46th most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that Todd started Improv Everywhere in 2001, years before YouTube launched. So how has YouTube affected the scene-causing prankster network? Check out my interview with Todd below to find out.