Top 10 Choose Your Own Adventure Style Interactive YouTube Videos

One of the hidden treasures of YouTube that a lot of viewers aren’t aware of is the fact that it is full of exciting Choose Your Own Adventure style videos. Thanks to YouTube Annotations, creators are able to insert links allowing viewers to click and choose the direction they want the story to take. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most exciting YouTube interactive adventures for your interactive viewing pleasure, so sit back and get ready to choose your own adventure!

The Time Machine: An Interactive Adventure!

YouTube extraordinaires Chad, Matt & Rob are the kings of interactive adventures on YouTube. They pretty much introduced the YouTube audience to the choose your own adventure format shortly after YouTube announced their annotations feature. ‘The Time Machine’ is one of their most popular adventures, and tells the story of three guys who are going on a time machine adventure, trying to make their way back to a meeting at work. Your mission: To get them to their meeting without dying.

INTERACTIVE Fortune Teller

What does the future have in store for you? YouTube user smpfilm‘s fortuneteller will tell you. Just rub the crystal ball with your mouse and click when the fortuneteller tells you too. Here’s hoping the future has only good things n store for you!

Interactive zombie movie adventure – DELIVER ME TO HELL – REAL ZOMBIES ATTACK

When zombies attack it doesn’t mean that people still want to eat pizza. In this interactive adventure, your mission is to get pizza delivery guy Steve across the city to deliver a pizza without getting killed by zombies. This adventure made it’s debut on YouTube a week ago and already has bee played by 495,000 YouTubers.

Who Wants to be a YouTubillionaire!?

Dan Brown, YouTube’s Rubik’s Cube master and star of the new web series Dan 3.0, created his own interactive YouTube game called ‘Who Wants to be a YouTubillionaire!?’ The game, as the name suggests, is a YouTube version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.’ Click to answer questions and win as many theoretical dollars as you can.

The Murder: An Interactive Adventure!

Here’s another exciting interactive adventure from Chad, Matt & Rob. This time the trio witnesses a murder while shooting a super hero video and they are thrown into a chase to catch the murderer. Your mission: Keep Chat, Matt & Rob alive!

YouTube Street Fighter

Animator Patrick Boivin has put together a fun, interactive YouTube version of Street Fighter. You can click to choose your opponent, as well as your fighting moves and try to win the game. Over 7.6 million people have viewed the first clip in this adventure and millions have gone on to play.

Ronald Has A Spider On His Head: An Interactive Mis-Adventure

How cool are little Lego men? In this interactive adventure, Lego man Ronald has a spider on his head and it is your job to help him out. Kill the spider, but be careful not to kill Ronald!

The Birthday Party: An Interactive Adventure!

Chad, Matt & Rob are back and this time they are on their way to a birthday party. However, some hooligans get in the way of the trio getting to the birthday party and it’s your job to get them there without getting them killed!

Choose Your Own YouTube Web Cam Adventure!

A YouTube adventure doesn’t have to have a huge cast and crew. YouTuber Nate Dern made this adventure by himself in front of his web cam. You can choose between two stories, one about a yeti that loves a penguin and one about a futuristic spy, and you get to click to determine where each story goes.


There’s no better way to end a top 10 list than with a scantily clad chick in a hot tub, right? So here it is: Interactive Jacuzzi Girl! Slide into the hot tub and do your best to smooth talk this hot chica. Hope you get the girl!