Is Interaction With Pages’ Events the Next Category for Facebook Custom Audiences?

Brands will apparently have several customization options to choose from

Facebook appears to be testing the ability for page administrators to create custom audiences based on users’ interactions with their pages’ events.

Reader Meg Coffey, managing director of Coffey & Tea, shared the screenshot below with Social Pro Daily, saying that she only saw the option on one of her accounts.

Coffey added that Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center page on engagement custom audiences does not mention interactions with events.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed details reported by Tim Peterson of Marketing Land that the social network planned to roll the feature out, adding that the Advertiser Help Center page will be updated when more advertisers have access to the feature, possibly next week.

According to Peterson (and confirmed by Facebook), brands will be able to choose custom audiences made up of users who responded to any event on their pages or to specific events, and they will also be able to include users who RSVPed as going, interested, or both.

Peterson added that the custom audiences operate on a 180-day rolling time frame, meaning that a user who responded to an event 180 days ago would be included in the group, but that same user would not be included the following day. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.