Industry Experts: Amp Up Your Super Bowl Sunday Social With These Tips

As a publisher, this is prime time to capitalize off of a moment where your audience, and potential new readers, are super tuned in.

With Super Bowl 50 fast approaching, the lure of a promising half time show and fresh commercials is sure to draw in large audiences – especially on social. In fact, last year’s big day was the most tweeted about NFL game ever – and this year will likely be no different. As a publisher, this is prime time to capitalize off of a moment where your audience, and potential new readers, are super tuned in.

In my role as vp of content at Playbuzz, I work with major sports teams and brands, including Sports Illustrated, NFL teams, The Chive, MLB, Fox Sports and more, all of which give me an inside look into what content garners the most engagement and attention from sports fans. Questions I always ask when evaluating interactive content performance include: What are the start and completion rates? What is the average time readers are spending on page? Are readers interacting with the content? Does an audience share certain types of content on their social channels?

I also have the pleasure of working with other industry experts who analyze what content resonates most with publishers’ audiences. Point being that publishers can achieve high engagement rates with clever social content that doesn’t cost a thing.

I pulled 5 quick tips from a recent whitepaper we’ve created with NewsWhip that I think are most suited to get you (but mainly your content) prepped for this Super Bowl Sunday.

Great examples that showcase the above tips include this list by The Chive which invited users to rank the team with the most annoying fans, a quiz on undefeated NFL teams by Sports Illustrated and a countdown of the best quarterbacks in NFL history by Fox Sports.

Remember, as long as the topic is close to fans’ personal experiences, or something they care about, it has the potential to garner great results. Content that fans can actively participate with makes them feel like part of the big day. So don’t worry about putting aside a large budget this Sunday – if your content is clever and engaging enough, your readers will share it for you.

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Shachar Orren is the vp of content at Playbuzz. From the company’s New York office, she oversees global content strategy for partnerships with top-tier publishers, editorial teams and brands, providing insights, analysis and plans to ensure they maximize the potential of Playbuzz formats in-article and across social media. She can be reached at