How to Promote Your Blog Posts on Twitter

Here's how to use Twitter to get people to read your blog content.

If you write a blog post but there’s nobody there to read it, does it make a sale?

You might have hired the best writer, researched the most compelling topic, included loads of original insights and tied it all together with eye-popping images, but if that blog post isn’t promoted properly, it simply won’t be read. Which means it won’t have any impact on your business.

Twitter can be a fantastic tool for promoting your blog posts, even if you don’t have ad dollars to spend. The fast-pace, information-sharing culture on Twitter makes it an ideal platform for bloggers, marketers and brand managers to get their content in front of the right audience. Here’s how:

1. Tweet your blog posts often and strategically. The second you publish your blog post, tweet it. Then, wait a few hours (anywhere between six to 24) and tweet it again. Then wait a few more days and tweet it again. Share often, but always be strategic: use different phrases, quotes and headlines each time you tweet the blog post, and time your tweets so that they coincide with when your audience is online.

2. Write creative headlines and CTAs. Want people to actually click over to your blog post? Ask them to! Write out your tweets so they include a call-to-action or creative headline that will simply compel anyone who sees it to click for more.

3. Always include an image. Images perform well across the board, not just on Twitter. Make sure your blog post has at least one image associated with it, and include this image every time you tweet it out. Your tweet will appear larger and more eye-catching in people’s timelines, making it more likely that they will click.

4. Tag influencers. Think specific people or businesses in your industry would be interested in your post? Tag them when you share it. If they like what they see, they’ll retweet or share it, getting you even more eyeballs.

5. Use hashtags when appropriate. Use industry-related hashtags to promote your blog post beyond just your followers.

6. Thank your community for sharing. If you’re getting lots of shares and interaction from key members of your Twitter community, be sure to thank them. This may make them more likely to continue to share, and increase your reach and exposure.

7. (Optional) Run an ad campaign for your best performing blog posts. If you do have a social media budget, you can put some of it towards boosting your blog posts even further than you could reach organically. For a relatively small cost, you can pay to get your post in front of thousands of new, targeted audience members.

Measuring the success of your content, optimizing how it is consumed… these are all necessary steps in a great content strategy. But besides the actual content itself, the most important aspect of creating a blog post is how you promote it. How you get it in front of the right audience. After all, you could debate all day about whether a tree falling in the woods would make a sound if there’s no one around, but an unread blog post will certainly fail to leave an impression.