How the Humans Behind CGI Influencers Need to Adapt to Consumer Needs

Lil Miquela isn’t making as good of an impression as real people

A girl modeling in a colorful dress; the image is created from CGI
CGI influencers can't connect with their audiences, and it shows. Lil Miquela

Look at the Instagram of CGI influencer Lil Miquela. Now look at Kylie Jenner’s. Is there really a difference? Both have flawless skin, structured cheekbones, perfectly manicured eyebrows and posts that elicit an air of mystery aimed at generating buzz. Today, social media lets us play with reality, making it hard to discern between real and fake. Filters help us make our days sunnier, our faces dewier and our feeds happier. This blurry state of affairs has primed us for a rising social archetype: the virtual influencer.

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Mukta Chowdhary is director of creative strategy and insights at Fullscreen.